Friday, April 30, 2010

All out for May Day: We are all Arizona now!

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  • Stop Anti-Immigrant SB1070
  • End All Immigration-Police Collaboration
  • Legalization with Rights & Justice for All
  • Support the frontline communities: Donate to Grassroots Arizona Solidarity
On the eve of May 1, the international working class holiday commemorating the struggle of predominantly immigrant workers in the U.S. and abroad to win an 8-hour work day, U.S.-born and immigrant workers face crucial challenges to achieve justice and human rights for all.

Since 2006, when immigrant communities mobilized in unprecedented numbers and put their working class imprimatur reviving the holiday in a new way, May Day has become a critical day of action to celebrate, reflect and envision the changes U.S.-born and immigrant workers need to achieve economic justice.

May Day is also the day when working class immigrant communities across the country will say a booming NO to immigration reform proposals that threaten to continue separating families - that would criminalize work and immigration status, further militarize immigration controls and border communities, and increase policing, detentions and deportations.

Workers' rights are immigrant rights

Today, immigrant workers continue fighting for living wages and know that an injury to one is an injury to all.

On May Day 2010, hundreds of thousands of immigrant workers, families and community members will hit the streets in dozens of cities to raise their voices once again for a fair and just legalization that respects their labor and civil rights, and for an end to immigration raids, detentions and deportations.

Fight the Hate:We are all Arizona now!

On May Day immigrant workers and their allies and partners will also fight the hate.

Together our voices will rumble loudly, calling on President Obama and other public officials to stop to Arizona's SB1070, the anti-immigrant, racial profiling law.

Stopping SB1070 will not be enough. President Obama must also suspend all federal immigration-police collaboration programs, 287(g) and Secure Communities, which grant local police SB1070-type powers.

Click here to request that President Obama stop SB1070. Or call (202) 456-1111.

We want comprehensive legalization & rights

NNIRR believes it is more crucial than ever for all of us to stand with immigrant workers, families and communities to stop SB1070, while demanding that immigration reforms start by protecting the human rights of all immigrant and refugee members of our communities.

Stopping SB1070 and ending immigration-police collaboration will help us keep our eyes on the prize and send a powerful message to Congress and President Obama that only comprehensive legalization and rights will solve the problems at the border and in the interior.

Senate Democrats have unveiled a "new" immigration plan harnessed to an enforcement regime that would continue to fuel the human rights crisis in Arizona and wherever immigrant communities live, work, worship, study or play. The plan promises increased border security, tougher employer sanctions and more obstacles and penalties that will make it extremely difficult for individuals to adjust their status. Undocumented immigrant workers would have to admit to committing a crime before being able to even get in line.

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The movement for justice to stop SB1070 in Arizona needs 'GAS'!

The National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights is creating a solidarity fund to support grassroots immigrant community-based organizing in Arizona.

To make our voices, our mobilizations and protests against SB1070 even more powerful means that we also provide concrete support for Arizona's frontline community groups. Your generous donation will ensure that community groups have the resources, volunteers and money to more effectively resist and rollback SB1070.

As you mobilize your community to hold vigils, protests and other activities to stop SB1070 from spreading, remember to generously donate to support the grassroots community groups on the frontlines of Arizona.

Click here to make a donation to GAS - the Grassroots Arizona Solidarity Fund.

Just write in Grassroots Arizona Solidarity or "GAS" in the online "designation" box and we will make sure your contribution gets to the hard-working groups in Arizona.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

On May Day and beyond, NNIRR believes that our communities' voices for legalization and other immigration reforms are sending a clear message to President Obama and Congress that stopping SB1070 and other abuses committed against immigrant workers, families and communities demands a plan that starts with rights and justice

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