Monday, October 08, 2007

A national conference for immigrant & refugee rights

A national conference for immigrant & refugee rights

January 18-20, 2008 || Hyatt Regency || Houston, Texas

As federal immigration reform has reached an impasse, government, police and many other forces have been stepping up attacks on immigrants and refugees at the local, regional and state levels. ICE raids continue sweeping up thousands, and the new Social Security no-match rules were barely stopped from going into effect temporarily.

At the same time, community organizations led by the immigrant and refugee community have been pushing forward creative initiatives to protect the most vulnerable members of our communities and link with other communities and movements demanding justice & dignity.

Come to Houston in January 2008 to:
  • Share stories, strategies and tactics for innovative initiatives built from the grassroots!
  • Share and learn new techniques in community organizing, media & communications, popular education and more!
  • Learn about exciting work happening at the intersection of immigrant and refugee rights, gender, sexual orientation, and across many different racial and ethnic communities
  • Learn about and share with the many communities and nationalities that make up the immigrant and refugee rights movement!
  • Work with the international migrants rights movements, exposing “free” trade policies’ harmful impacts causing forced migration worldwide
  • Help build a shared immigrant rights platform for this critical election year and together lift our voices to reframe thenational debate towards justice, dignity and human rights!
Tentative Workshop, Tracks & Topics Include:
  • Lifting Immigrant Voices in the 2008 Elections
  • Racism and Immigration: Bridging Communities in the Post-Katrina Era
  • Pushing Back the Miltiarization of border & interior immigration control
  • Globalization and Migration: Addressing "Root Causes"
  • Promoting the Human Rights of Im/Migrants
  • Immigration, Labor and Workers Rights
  • Immigration Policy and Legislation
  • Popular Education for Transformative Community Organizing
  • Community Organizing
  • Media & Communications Skills
Limited travel scholarships available.

For more information email: , visit or call 510-465-1984 x 303