Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Read & Share Network News! Order Your Copies Today

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Dear NNIRR members, partners, allies & friends!



ou should have already received a copy in the mail of Network News,  a publication of the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights.


Network News is available on-line at:


If you haven’t received Network News in the mail, it could mean one of three things:

1.     You aren’t a Network member. NNIRR members receive Network News and other information, invitations, action alerts, updates and other publications as part of their membership. Join today!

2.     You aren’t a Network News subscriber! Please consider subscribing today! And/or,

3.     You are a member or subscriber, but we don’t have your current mailing address! Please send us your mailing address today – with your membership or subscription fee if you’re not a member or subscriber already – and we’ll send you a copy today. Join or subscribe today!


If you’ve already received Network News, here’s an opportunity to share it with your family, friends, co-workers and other activists and organizers: Send for copies to share!


See order form below.




After Obama:

Justice & Rights for Immigrants Rises Higher on the Agenda


The latest issue of Network News includes:

·        An in-depth look at the significance of President Barack Obama and the prospects for immigration reform

·        Viewpoint and analysis of the militarization of immigration and border control

·        The effort to report and document human rights abuses in immigrant communities

·        An interview with organizers on the impacts of the raids in Iowa and Mississippi;

·        A look at the “triangle of exploitation,” the emerging international regime of trade, managed migration and enforcement and its significance for immigrant rights. And

·        Lots more other news, resources and updates that are indispensable to the movement!


Build the Movement, Share Network News


Network News features critical stories and analyses on immigrant rights. All our immigrant rights movement activists, organizers and our allies should be reading it!


You can help build the movement by getting copies of Network News into more hands.


We are offering multiple copies of Network News for a small donation to cover shipping and handling costs. (Order form and prices below.)


Network News is an organizing tool.

·        You can use the articles in Network News kick off a discussion at a meeting on the issues facing immigrant communities and what is to done.

·        You can share a copy with co-workers, friends and family to engage them in the issues or to get their support for actions, policies and other opportunities to advance the fight for socially just legalization.


Order Copies of Network News & share with your friends in the movements for justice!


You can disseminate new ideas, initiate dynamic discussions and work to build the movement by sharing Network News! Your donation helps cover some of the costs for printing and shipping and handling:

·        Individual copy: $2.00

·        For 2-4 copies, send $8.00

·        For 5-10 copies, send $15

·        For 11-15 copies, send $25

·        For 16-20 copies, send $35

·        For 25 or more copies, please inquire.




Subscriptions (three issues of Network News)


·        $20.00 Regular

·        $10.00 Low income

·        $5.00 Fixed income/unemployed

Institutions: $35.00




Annual NNIRR Membership Dues (includes Network News sub.)


·        $25.00 Regular

·        $15.00 Low Income

·        $10.00 Fixed Income/Unemployed


Organizational (based on annual budget)

·        $50.00 $50,000 or less

·        $75.00 $50,000-99,900

·        $100.00 $100,000-199,999

·        $150.00 $200,000-349,999

·        $250.00 $350,000+


Print and mail form (cut here): -------------------------------------------------------------------------


SEND COPIES OF NETWORK NEWS TO (please type or print):



Organization (if any)


City State Zip Code:






[ ] Send ____ copy/copies of Network News


[ ] I want to join the National Network. Indicate as: ____ Individual | ____ Organization

·        Membership dues $_________

·        Contribution for _____ copy/copies of Network News $________




Thanks for supporting the National Network!


Make your check or money order payable to “NNIRR” and mail to:



310 8th Street STE 303

Oakland, CA 94607


Tel (510) 465-1984

Fax (510) 465-1885


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