Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Day of Remembrance for a Little Innocent Girl

by Bob Montañéz, Retired Educator, Odessa, Texas, USA

Sadly, May 30 will always be a day of remembrance. This was a day in 2009 when another American girl was murdered in Arizona. Her name was Brisenia Flores and she was 9-years old.

The President did not speak at her funeral and neither did Arizona’s Governor Brewer. Her murder was hardly of any interest to the national media; but, nevertheless, a little innocent girl was murdered.

Why her murder did not gain the national media attention as those of Christina Greene and Jon Benet Ramsey is left open for discussion and to scrutiny. To me the murder of one child is as significant as the murder of any other child. Murder is murder; but, when it takes the life of a child, it foments a heavy painful weight which is hard to bear, accept and comprehend.

Why three White Supremacist Minutemen felt so threatened by little Brisenia is hard to understand. Did they feel that Brisenia would corrupt what they believed was their superior DNA? Did they feel that Brisenia was a threat to U.S. national security? Or, did these racists feel that all persons with other than white skins are just worthy of elimination from the face of the earth?

Brisenia’s begged for her life but the pleadings went unheard by the almighty towering Aryans. They shot her in the head once; but apparently, the degree of satisfaction expected by the cowardly murderers was not enough. They just had to shoot her one more time in order for them to sense the high satisfying degree of evil on which they nourish.

What convinced these demons about the necessity to shoot innocent Brisenia? Was it her beautiful brown skin? Was it the fear in her teary brown eyes? Was her inability to understand what was happening; or, was it the crying and pleadings of an innocent child? Did all of the above make them feel courageously superior that they had to take out all their bigotry and racism on a helpless and defenseless child?

The simple truth is that these worthless monsters, poor excuses of humanity, had no hearts. Their souls were missing. They had turned their backs to God. There is-nor will ever be-any other excuse!

White Supremacy or any other kind of racial prejudice is an evil, a plague against humanity and a sin against God. Little Brisenia fell victim to such evil. She could have been anyone’s daughter, relative or playmate. She, however, will never play again the games that little girls play.

By remembering her every May, we let White Supremacists know that we will not forgive nor forget their evil intentions and that what they committed against Brisenia will only unite us and make us stronger. We will not be intimidated. Nor will we run and hide. We will stand firm with Brisenia in our thoughts and in our hearts

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