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Raise Your Voices for Justice & Human Rights/Alza Tus Voces por La Justicia y los Derechos Humanos

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Help build a HURRICANE for Justice & Human Rights!

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Organizing Communities for Justice & Human Rights: Stop the Raids

Tell Your Story, Track & Denounce Abuses

Tell Your Story, Track & Denounce Abuses


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Hurricane workshop discussion in Richmond CA 7-09-8


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SCHEDULE A TRAINING WORKSHOP: NNIRR offers a training workshop for community members and groups to learn how to incorporate the monitoring and documentation of human rights into your work. This workshop will help you strengthen and expand the community's organizing strategy for the changes it wants.

Please inquire to schedule monitoring & documentation training workshop in your community. Click here to Email us! The workshop can be done multi-lingually and in English or Spanish.

WEBINARS: Through our on-line and in-person trainings, you can learn to use the Martus communications database, learning the basic functions, as well as helping you set up your own account and connecting you to the Martus server. Hurricane provides Martus, a basic tool to track, document and communicate human rights violations.

SIGN-UP HERE for an introduction to Martus and Hurricane. Please indicate the training date in the subject-line of your email. Conference call webinar training:
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If you haven't done so already, NNIRR invites you to sign up now and join Hurricane, filling out and sending us the form via fax or email. Click here to contribute to the 100 Stories project or to join Hurricane.

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Email: Laura Rivas
Or Arnoldo Garcia

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Dear NNIRR compañeras & compañeros,

Our heart and solidarity goes out to the communities of color, working people and immigrant communities in the Gulf Coast who have been hit hard by natural and social disasters. First, on August 25, ICE unleashed a repressive immigration raid against workers in Laurel, Mississippi; 595 were arrested. Then a few days later, with the trauma of Katrina still fresh in our communal memory, the threat of Gustav hurricane forced hundreds of thousands to flee the region.

To prevent a greater disaster, here at the National Network, we believe that we need to build a hurricane for justice and human rights together!

Over the past year, NNIRR launched its new initiative, Hurricane: the Human Rights Immigrant Community Action Network, to work with communities to track, report and seek redress for abuses committed against immigrant and refugee members of our communities.

Hurricane promotes and strengthens community organizing for justice. Hurricane is providing training in monitoring and documenting human rights violations to scores of community groups and organizers.
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You and your organization are invited to participate in the trainings or schedule one today. Click here to register for Hurricane training and networking opportunities.

Hurricane offers tools, workshops and dialogue so that together we can determine the changes we want and how we're going to get them.

Community leadership and participation and leadership is at the heart of Hurricane. This is the key to tracking human rights violations and working together to decide how to stop and prevent abuses.

Please contact HURRICANE at:
Tel (510) 465-1984 ext 304 and ext. 305
Email: Laura Rivas
Or Arnoldo Garcia




Organizing Communities for Justice & Human Rights: Stop the Raids

This fall, Hurricane members, along with other groups that are tracking and reporting human rights violations, will have a key opportunity to expose the abuses as part of a NNIRR campaign to stop immigration raids.

Raids are just the tip of the iceberg of human rights abuses and violations plaguing our communities. (Click here to see NNIRR's chronology of immigration raids.)

Protest End Raids Legalization Signs 8-07How big is the detention and deportation system and how do raids fit in the system? For example, the Department of Homeland Security deported over 276,000 immigrants in 2007. Less than 1.5% (one and half per cent) of those deported in 2007 were through ICE raids. DHS reported 4,077 persons deported through ICE raids alone (See:

DHS/ICE uses raids to deliberately send shock waves through communities, threatening them and perpetuating massive rights violations with impunity.

By demanding an end to immigration raids, we expose the mammoth system of prisons, policing, criminalization and militarization that allows the government to deport hundreds of thousands every year violating their rights.

Stopping raids and ending detentions and deportations are key to demanding a fair and just legalization. In order to get the type of legalization that will improve the lives of immigrant families, communities and workers, we must also demand the restoration of civil rights and liberties, the protection and expansion of labor rights, family reunification, and ending the backlogs and expanding legal ways for people to enter the country.

Ending raids also means decriminalizing immigration status and demilitarizing immigration and border control. U.S. immigration laws, policies and border security deliberately send migrants to their deaths, buttressing the exploitation and abuse of immigrants at the U.S. border and in the interior.

That's why we need to track and report abuses and together decide the changes we need. Raids are the culmination of systematic abuses that are taking place where people live, work, worship, study and play. Click here to report a raid or other abuse or human rights violation committed against members of our community.




Tell Your Story, Track & Denounce Abuses

Black & Latino Protest Wall Raids 8-07
Hurricane works!
Earlier this year NNIRR released Hurricane's first human rights report covering 2006-2007, Over-Raided, Under Siege: U.S. Immigration Laws and Enforcement Destroy the Rights of Immigrants, documenting some 200 raids and over 100 stories of abuse provided by community organizations and members from across the country.

Over-Raided, Under Siege exposes five trends of abuses, including raids, intensification of immigration control at the workplace, increased detentions and deportations, border militarization and violence against migrants, and the escalation of immigration police collaboration with local, county and state governments. To read or download a copy of the report, click here: Hurricane report.

In the coming months, Hurricane will be releasing the results of coordinated efforts tracking human rights abuses committed against immigrant and refugee members of our communities. We want you and your organization to contribute your stories and help determine the type of changes we need.

To document or report an human rights abuse, click here: 100 Stories Project

Click here to find out more about the Hurricane initiative
Or click here to work together to raise our voices, tell our stories and demand justice and human rights.

We invite you to be part of Hurricane, to tell your stories, track abuses and demand justice and human rights!



Help Build Community Power for Justice & Human Rights!

The Hurricane initiative offers multiple ways of being involved in building a dynamic movement tracking and seeking redress for human rights abuses.
Protest End Raids Legalization Signs 8-07

Here are some ways you can help build community power. You and your organization can:

1) Conduct consultations and interviews to find out what is happening to members of your community or to collect details in cases of abuse that have already been reported. For example, interview affected members, co-workers and neighbors after an immigration raid or detention, non-payment of wages and other abuses.

Protest End Raids Legalization Signs 8-072) Help train community members to document human rights violations where they live, work, worship, study or play. Through this process, community members participate in exposing the abuses in their community, decide what stories they're going to document and what to do with the stories, as they seek justice and human rights.

We can provide your organization and community a popular education training workshop to learn how to use human rights documentation to increase your community's power; see below!

3) You can also report cases of abuse and share your stories using Martus with Hurricane and community members or fill out an easy-to-use interview form and email or fax it to us. Get the report forms at

(510) 465-1984 ext. 304 and 305
Fax (510) 465-1885
Email us: 100 Stories Project or Hurricane

By joining Hurricane, you will participate directly in the collection of stories and tracking human rights abuses and together seek justice and human rights.

As part of NNIRR's Hurricane initiative you can also play a part in a national community dialogue to determine what collective actions to take at local and national levels to press for the changes and reforms we want in our communities.

We believe that by talking together, telling our stories, tracking and reporting human rights abuses, we can get the changes we want.

Build community power by joining the Hurricane initiative!



National Network for Immigrant & Refugee Rights




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